Chưa có nhãn
  • Steel Structure for Electricity
    The Product is used in the transmission line with voltage up to 500kV. Steel structure is manufactured by modern CNC chain, the capacity is 15,000 tons/year and is hot- dip galvanized according to customer‘s requirement
  • Mechanical products for telecommunication
    Guy mast towers,Self supporting tower,Fast deployment tower,Antenna mounting bracket...
  • Products and Services of VIET VUONG TELECOM
    Providing kind of products used in telecommunication and IT: In-building equipment, repeater, booster, terminal, modem, switch, router. Providing testing services in the fields of electricity, electronics, telecommunications, IT. Providing solutions, design and optimization services for telecommunication network including core network and radio-access network. Providing solutions for telecom industry
  • Civil Construction
    EPC civil construction projects with professional management.
  • Industrial construction
    Design, built the industrial projects with our own design and pre-engineered steel structure manufactured by model production line.
General industry