Recording for Da Nang
13:46 | 01/12/15

Finally I have had the opportunity to travel back to Da Nang – the ideal tourist resorts of Vietnam to enjoy a wonderful holiday with Viet Vuong family this July after 5 years.

Finally I have had the opportunity to travel back to Da Nang – the ideal tourist resorts of Vietnam to enjoy a wonderful holiday with Viet Vuong family this July after 5 years.

After the late flight one summer evening in July 7, Da Nang welcomed us with its gorgeous, dynamic, friendly and extremely attractive beauty, as mysterious as a youthful girl who is full of vitality. The memories of 5 years ago suddenly came back, it was when we, nearly 50 people, were all new members of the Viet Vuong family, had a chance to experience Da Nang without Dragon Bridge, Sun Wheel and ‘Carp Turns into a Dragon' statue on the Eastern of Han River or romantic Love Bridge. Danang 5 years ago was fresh and beautiful but now the Danang now is even more beautiful and modern.

The halting place of nearly 300 Viet Vuong people stayed at the outstanding Minh Toan Galaxy Hotel in the young city of Danang. Our very first impression of the hotel was the height, brightness and extreme fragrant. It was long time since we have had chance to stay at such luxurious hotel. The board of leaders was quite generous to pause the operation in a few days, from staff of office, sales, running projects to workers, and all left work and shared their thinkings of life and work with each other on the train to Danang.

The first day, Viet Vuong Family gathered at My Khe beach to join teambuilding activities called "Over the waves". These series of games required teams’ focus, compliance and respect for teamwork spirit to create collective strength and achieve final victory. Four teams called Ha Noi Office, Factory Office, Site and Production Unit together fought each other in attractive and interesting games such as "Sailing in the sand", "Treasure hunting" and special game "Glorious history page" which required teams to stand outside the line and, with a pen tied by 6 ropes, ingeniously and well combining together to control the pen to write down the words "Viet Vuong over the waves". The shout of encouragement, the cheery laughter, and cries of regret, tight handshakes, hugs and friendly smiles for the winner, all made up an atmosphere of solidarity.

Ending the afternoon of bustle teambuilding activities, all quickly returned to the hotel to prepare for the fantasy match in the evening: Final round of “Viet Vuong football championship cup 2015” 

The player Klose of Germany team said: "Teamwork creates difference". And that spirit was shown in the emotional matches of Viet Vuong players desiring to win. The matches took place dramatically, surprisingly and full of feelings with astonishing goals thanks to the will, determination and team spirit, for example: the match for third prize: Hanoi Office wined over Factory Office with score 4-2 or the oppressive final match of two rivals Site team and Production team. Eventually, the stronger team with more disciplined, more technical skills had become the champion with a close score 5-4.

The second day, we continued the journey at Hoai Pho Hoi An. We can easily saw roofs covering with green moss, shimmering colors of lanterns, delicate carvings of wooden houses which have lied through over three hundred rounds of four seasons spring, summer, autumn and winter, the bowing gestures of sellers inviting to buy, smiles and eyes... all went into our hearts - the tourists – as a peaceful and homely love.

We returned to My Khe beach to enjoy sea waves sound and feel the salty wind in every breathe of sea in the night with Gala “Wave”.

Powerful voices of men from Technical Department of the Hanoi office with the song "Love wave" had successfully opened the gala. A new version of Viet Vuong Master Chef game sow took place extremely excitedly - the first time all managers became waiters and the staff became diners. At that night of “switching roles” with managers, the staff really got excited and the managers were also enthusiastic to serve to get voting heart signs sticked on their…bodies.

Melodious flute sound of talented guy Ta Duc Long and obsessed voice of song "Safe and Sound" from VVT - My Ha made us sit silently, deeply feel our blooming feelings inside... Then the play “Dop mother looking for a job" - a unique play where all sentences are poetry- from Hanoi office brought back the joyful atmosphere. The featured acting of Huyen.Nguyen as “Dop mother”, the mischief of “Mr.Ly” by The Hai had brought out extremely refreshing laughters... At the end of the gala, we were immersed in vibrant atmosphere created from the dance "Last thing on my mind" performed by Mr Dam and his friends.

The next place of our journey was Son Tra peninsula "the green lung" which wraps Danang inside. Standing at 693m height compared to sea level, we could overlook Danang city, inhaling fresh air of the coastal city, feeling like dominating and mastering everything. 

Those 4 days and 3 nights in Danang city still seem so short with us. We would like to fall deep in and enjoy the vacation and forget the busyness. Danang shows up in our mind like a memory period, not nostalgic but so close, nurturing feelings with my company where I have worked closely for many years.

I remember reading somewhere an article about Richard Branson - the father of Virgin aviation brand name, saying: the biggest competitive weapon of Virgin is human. Only the passionate enthusiasm towards the company could create differences. Those people share the same objectives and travel on the same a battleship to go towards to succeed!

-Recorded by NTQ-